Peter Rabbit

Meet Pete!

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Peter Rabbit

If you’ve come by the shop before, you’ll probably have met our resident pet and shop mascot Peter Rabbit.
Possibly one of the most spoilt bunnies you’ll ever meet, our little show pony is on site most days to greet you, and accept your treats!

Born around October 2014, Peter was an immediate fit into the City Pets family. We chose to adopt him, and he’s been living up the bun-chelor life in the City Pets window ever since (with a few long weekends and vacations to the hills along the way!)

His custom built home forms a stage for him to show off all his party tricks, sun bake and do the zoomies, and his tower gives him somewhere safe to snooze. When there’s no dogs in the shop, he gets to roam around until his hearts’ content (usually until he finds a bag of food to break into!)

Loving and caring for Petey means we’re pretty knowledgable about all things bunny, so if you’ve got a rabbit, or are thinking off adding one to your family, we’d love to help you!

Peter is pretty special, and would love to meet you sometime. So if you’re in the area, pop in and say hi, he loves pats and treats! Or you can check out his adventures on his very own Instagram page!